Black vaginal

black vaginal

2 Mar Spotting is the vaginal bleeding after your menstrual period and before .. and patches of dark skin on the back of your neck and other areas. Normal discharge in color and consistency is clear and yellowish or cloudy and white. These natural secretions maintain the cleanliness of the vaginal area. 2 Mar Black or reddish brown vaginal discharge can be especially concerning to see because it's usually an indication that bleeding has occurred at.

Black vaginal -

Black vaginal discharge between periods can also be a symptom of several diseases and conditions such as pelvic inflammatory disease PID black vaginal, menopause, sexually transmitted diseases asstomouth secretChlamydia or genital warts or cervical cancer. In such a case a woman can feel lightheadedness and palpitation. Skin lightening clinics offer these services, if you can fit it into a budget. Foreign Object in Vagina Another major cause black vaginal black discharge is the presence of any foreign body in the vagina. Common symptoms include pain in urethra, on-going yellow vaginal discharge, vaginal dryness and sometimes appearing black vaginal discharge between periods. What Does It Mean?


Vaginal birth at 34 weeks


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